What are the applications of industrial centrifuge?
  • Pharmaceutical
    Shenzhou is a worldwide leader in manufacturing a high range of industrial centrifuges for Pharmaceutical (API - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and HPAPI - Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Chemical, Cosmetic, and Biotechnology industries. Vertical and horizontal peeler centrifuges, manual and automatic batch centrifuges, top discharge centrifuges, bottom discharge centrifuges, decanting centrifuges and mixer settlers. For Laboratory scale, Pilot scale and Production scale
  • Food & Beverage Processing
    Food & Beverage Processing
    Shenzhou centrifuges are ideal for industries where delicate food and beverage products are processed – and where easy cleaning is crucial. Centrifuges are widely used in food and beverage industries. For example, in the production of fruit juice, a centrifuge can be used to remove impurities from fruit juice and beverages. So as to meet the filling standards.
  • Chemical 
    Centrifuges are used in chemicals for separating different phases of a mixture, such as separating solids from liquids, separating liquids from liquids, and separating gases from liquids. They are used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.
  • Mining
    SZ-LWMD (Mining Centrifuge) series decanter centrifuge is designed for mining and construction mud treatment. The high-performance decanter centrifuge is capable to work for a wide variety of mud, tunneling mud, mining and mineral mud, dredging slurry, and fluid recovery, bored pile, Hydro vac Slurry treatment applications. The reliable performance for un-hindered continuous processing is very important for such application. The high performance SZ-LWMD series decanter centrifuge is the ideal choice for dewatering, fluids recovery for tunneling and mining industry.
  • Petroleum and Oil Industry
    Petroleum and Oil Industry
    Centrifuges are used in the petroleum and oil industry for separating crude oil into its various components, including gasoline, diesel, and lubricating oil
  • Biology and Medicine
    Biology and Medicine
    Centrifuges are widely used in biology and medicine for separating blood components, isolating proteins, purifying DNA, and separating cellular organelles. For example, they are used to separate red blood cells from plasma, isolate white blood cells for analysis, and separate different types of cell organelles.
  • Environmental technology
    Environmental technology
    In the environmental technology field, centrifuges are used to analyze and separate samples of soil, water, and air, helping to detect and identify contaminants, pollutants, and other substances
Product Case
  • Colombian customer purchases 40 GFX105 tubular centrifuges from our company for the separation of plasma and blood cells.
  • Zimbabwean customer purchased Shenzhou's nozzle disc centrifuge and Decanter centrifuge for yeast concentration and dehydration
  • In 2022, the largest water company in Russia purchased 9 units LW760 decanter centrifuges from our company for sludge concentration projects. The customer is very satisfied with the concentration effect. And gradually purchased other models of decanter centrifuges from our company.

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