Decision materials for Centrifuge application industry :

Since the price of centrifuges of similar level is not very high, only because there are some differences in the characteristics and equipment level, we should choose the right centrifuges as much as possible, so that we can buy centrifuges with high cost performance. For example, centrifuges with refrigeration characteristics are much more expensive than ordinary centrifuges, so if you don't need refrigeration, you can choose ordinary centrifuges. If you heat the centrifuge, you can choose the centrifuge with heating function. But one thing we should pay attention to is that the price of centrifuges with many functions of management procedures like that will be very high. Therefore, we must fully consider the applicability in the case of purchase. We can't blindly follow the trend of purchasing intelligent centrifuges.
In addition, when the chemical substance settles in the substance, it also diffuses along with it. There is no reason to be sure about external proliferation. External diffusion is inversely proportional to the quality of chemical substances, and the smaller the particle is, the more serious the external diffusion is. But the settlement is relative, has the standard, must suffer the external force function to be possible the fitness movement. The larger the particles, the faster the settlement. For particles less than 1 micron, such as pathogens or proteins, they form colloidal or semi colloidal state in aqueous solution. It is impossible to observe the whole process of sedimentation only by using force. The smaller the particle is, the slower the settlement is, and the more serious the diffusion is. Therefore, the centripetal force created by centrifuge can drive the particles to get rid of the sedimentation caused by external diffusion.

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