2 Phase Decanters for Separation of Liquid and Solids in the Food Industry


2 Phase Decanters for Separation of Liquid and Solids in the Food Industry

Introduction to Separation Processes in the Food Industry

Separation of liquid and solids is a crucial process in the food industry, enabling the production of high-quality products while ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Various techniques have been employed over the years to achieve efficient separation, and one such method is the use of 2 phase decanters. These decanters, also known as centrifuges, play a pivotal role by efficiently separating liquids and solids in a continuous process. In this article, we will explore the working principles, benefits, and applications of 2 phase decanters in the food industry while highlighting their role in enhancing productivity and product quality.

Understanding the Working Principles of 2 Phase Decanters

The working principle of 2 phase decanters relies on the centrifugal force generated within the machine. When the mixture of liquid and solids enters the decanter, it is accelerated by the rotating bowl. The mixture is subjected to a high centrifugal acceleration, causing the denser solid particles to move towards the bowl wall, forming a solid cake layer. Simultaneously, the clarified liquid phase rises towards the center of the bowl and is discharged through an outlet. The separated solid cake is then discharged from another outlet, leaving behind purified liquid ready for further processing or packaging.

Application of 2 Phase Decanters in the Food Industry

2 phase decanters find numerous applications in the food industry, playing a critical role in food processing, clarification, and waste management. They are commonly used for the separation of fruit juices, vegetable oils, milk, wine, beer, and various liquid-solid suspensions. The decanters ensure the removal of unwanted solid particles, impurities, and unwanted phases, resulting in improved product quality, extended shelf life, and enhanced taste.

Benefits of Using 2 Phase Decanters in the Food Industry

The utilization of 2 phase decanters in the food industry provides several benefits that contribute to increased efficiency and process optimization. Firstly, these decanters offer continuous and automated separation processes, reducing manual labor and increasing production reliability. The decanters operate at high speeds, enabling rapid separation and processing of large volumes of liquid and solid mixtures. This high-speed operation also helps minimize damage to sensitive food components, preserving the nutritional value and quality of the end product.

Furthermore, 2 phase decanters facilitate precise control of separation parameters, allowing customization of the process to meet specific product requirements. The adjustable differential speed between the rotating bowl and the scroll conveyor enables fine-tuning of the separation efficiency and cake dryness. This flexibility ensures optimized separation for various food products, enhancing productivity and reducing waste.

Enhanced Product Quality and Safety

The use of 2 phase decanters significantly improves product quality and safety by removing impurities and unwanted phases. These decanters efficiently separate solids such as pulp, skin, seeds, or sediments from liquids, ensuring a clear and visually appealing final product. By removing suspended solids, the risk of contamination and microbial growth is minimized, leading to improved food safety and extended shelf life.

Moreover, 2 phase decanters offer the advantage of gentle processing, preserving the delicate texture and flavor of the food products. The controlled separation prevents excessive heat or mechanical stress, maintaining the nutritional attributes and sensory characteristics of the final product.


In conclusion, the application of 2 phase decanters in the food industry has revolutionized the separation processes, leading to enhanced productivity, improved product quality, and increased food safety. These machines enable continuous, automated, and customized separation, accommodating various food products and optimizing the efficiency of the production line. Furthermore, the gentle processing combined with precise control of separation parameters ensures the preservation of nutritional value and sensory attributes in the final product. As the food industry continues to evolve, 2 phase decanters will continue to play a vital role in meeting the demands of a growing market while adhering to stringent quality standards.


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