Disc Stack Centrifuges for Recovery of Antibodies in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Disc Stack Centrifuges for Recovery of Antibodies in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Biopharmaceutical manufacturing plays a crucial role in the production of various therapeutic medicines, including antibodies. The recovery of antibodies during the manufacturing process is a critical step that requires efficient separation techniques. Disc Stack Centrifuges have emerged as a reliable and effective solution for antibody recovery, offering superior separation capabilities. This article delves into the role of disc stack centrifuges in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and explores their benefits and applications.

1. The Significance of Antibody Recovery in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing:

Antibodies are essential therapeutic agents used to treat a wide range of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases. The biopharmaceutical industry has witnessed a substantial increase in the demand for antibodies, necessitating efficient manufacturing processes. The recovery of antibodies from complex biological mixtures is a critical step for obtaining pure and high-quality products.

2. Understanding Disc Stack Centrifuges:

Disc Stack Centrifuges, also known as high-speed centrifuges, are advanced separation devices widely used in various industries, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing. These centrifuges operate on the principle of sedimentation, utilizing centrifugal force to separate different components based on their density and size. They consist of a series of rotating discs stacked together, creating narrow passages known as "conical discs."

3. Working Mechanism of Disc Stack Centrifuges:

Disc Stack Centrifuges employ a two-phase liquid separation process. The mixture containing the target antibodies is fed into the centrifuge, where it undergoes rapid rotation. Due to centrifugal force, the denser components, such as cell debris and impurities, migrate towards the outer edges while the lighter liquid phase, containing the antibodies, moves towards the center. This differential movement enables efficient separation of the target antibodies from other unwanted particles.

4. Benefits of Disc Stack Centrifuges in Antibody Recovery:

4.1 Enhanced Separation Efficiency:

Disc Stack Centrifuges offer exceptional separation efficiency, providing a high yield of pure antibodies. The tight spaces between the conical discs create immense centrifugal forces, ensuring the effective separation of target molecules even at small scales.

4.2 Preservation of Antibody Integrity:

During the centrifugation process, disc stack centrifuges maintain gentle processing conditions, preventing damage or denaturation of delicate antibodies. This crucial factor ensures the preservation of antibody integrity, maintaining their effectiveness and therapeutic properties.

4.3 Scalability and High Throughput:

Disc Stack Centrifuges are scalable, allowing for efficient antibody recovery at various production scales. They can handle large volumes of complex biological mixtures and offer high throughput, reducing processing time and increasing overall productivity.

4.4 Easy Maintenance and Flexibility:

These centrifuges are designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Their modular design enables quick assembly and disassembly, facilitating thorough cleaning and reducing downtime between production runs. Moreover, they can be easily integrated into existing biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

5. Applications of Disc Stack Centrifuges in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing:

5.1 Monoclonal Antibody Production:

Disc Stack Centrifuges provide the ideal solution for the recovery of monoclonal antibodies during their production. They effectively remove impurities, cell debris, and other unwanted components, resulting in pure and high-quality antibody products.

5.2 Vaccine Manufacturing:

The manufacturing of vaccines often requires the recovery of specific antibodies to ensure their efficacy. Disc Stack Centrifuges play a crucial role in this process, enabling efficient separation of target antibodies from complex vaccine formulations, guaranteeing the availability of safe and potent vaccines.

5.3 Antibody Fragmentation and Conjugation:

In certain cases, the recovery and purification of antibody fragments or conjugated antibodies are necessary. Disc Stack Centrifuges offer precise separation capabilities, ensuring the isolation of desired fragments or conjugated antibodies with high purity, reducing the risk of side effects.


Disc Stack Centrifuges have revolutionized the recovery of antibodies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. With their efficiency, scalability, and ability to preserve antibody integrity, these centrifuges have become a go-to choice for the industry. By improving separation efficiency, these devices contribute to the production of high-quality antibodies, ensuring the availability of safe and effective therapeutic molecules for patients worldwide.


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