continuous disk stack centrifuge at Wholesale Prices | Shenzhou
  • continuous disk stack centrifuge at Wholesale Prices | Shenzhou

continuous disk stack centrifuge at Wholesale Prices | Shenzhou

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    Automatic Continuous Operation Milk Cream Separator Machine Disc Centrifuge


    Product description 


    The milk has so wide diversity, even the simplest milk sold on the market contains different fat contents. If list, there are so many types of dairy products to be mentioned, such as butter, cheese, quark, yogurt etc.
    Soy milk separator has such features as large capacity, good deoiling performance, high efficiency and lower energy consumption. The advanced inlet and outlet design guarantees soft treatment during the whole separation process, preventing destructive air from entering and ensuring product quality.

    Technical parameter 



    Working principle:

    2 Phase Separator working principle for milk clarify industry

    Clarification mean two phase separation. The materials are feeding into the heart parts of this machine, the inside of the bowl. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the impurity will be removed from the raw material then get the clean milk.


    3 Phase Separator working principle for dairy skimming

    The disc separator is specially used for the two-phase and three-phase separation. The two-phase separation is to separate the s uspended solid from liquid or s eparate two liquids which have the different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three-phase separation is to separate the two immiscible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same time .

    Main Features


    1 . High rotating speed    4 . Lower noise    

    2 . Operating stability    5 . Perfect separating affection.    

    3 . Completely sealed up of the inlet and outlet system    




    1) Hot milk separation

    2) Cold milk separation

    3) Whey protein separation

    4) Buttermilk separation

    5) Dairy whey clarification

    6) Disinfection of dairy products

    7) Casein

    8) Syrup clarification

    9) Vegetable juice clarification

    10) Tea drinks, coffee, Beer and other liquid clarification

    The drum is a component to separate material and rotates at high speed, is the heart of the separator.

    The separator bowl has gone through precise dynamic balance, it can run steadily, with low vibration and noise at operation.


    All parts & components contacting materials are made of stainless steel, can effectively minimize the corrosion from the materials to be separated, and meet hygienic requirements for food.

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