In recent years, with the vigorous development of environmental protection, the sewage treatment capacity of horizontal spiral centrifuges in cities has also been continuously strengthened. Therefore, there are many applications in municipal sewage treatment and sludge dewatering. It has the characteristics of good separation effect, small footprint, high work efficiency, and is very popular among manufacturers in sewage treatment. Therefore, the following is a brief analysis of the main factors that affect the sludge dewatering effect of centrifuges

First, let's introduce sewage treatment and processes

1. There are primary treatment, secondary treatment, and advanced treatment levels for sewage treatment.

The composition of sewage treatment process is divided into two stages.

1. Physical treatment section and biochemical treatment section.

Several types of abnormal sludge phenomena in sewage treatment

1. The activated sludge flocs are slightly refined, with abnormal color, poor settling performance, turbid supernatant, and many small feathery sludge fragments; 2. Microscopic examination can reveal protozoa, but their numbers have sharply decreased. During the microscopic examination process, protozoa were found, but most of them have died or lost their activity; Under the microscope, the volume of sludge flocs is smaller and scattered than usual; 3. The sludge in the sedimentation tank floats in a cloud like manner, resulting in severe mud leakage from the effluent; 4. The final effluent quality is turbid, and the COD detection index is far higher than the normal fluctuation range;

First, let's understand the process of sewage treatment.

1. Kitchen and restaurant sewage first enters the oil separator to remove large particles and floating oil before entering the regulating tank.

2. Automatic grid: Set up a grid to remove large particulate matter and impurities in sewage, ensuring the continuous operation of subsequent treatment devices. The grid residue is regularly manually treated.

3. After removing the floating debris, the sewage enters the regulating tank. A submersible sewage pump is installed in the regulating tank to lift the sewage, and a mixing system is set up in the regulating tank for stirring to prevent sediment.

4. Using an initial sedimentation tank to remove inorganic particles from wastewater and reduce subsequent treatment loads.

Principles for selecting sewage treatment processes

The main technical and economic indicators for process selection include: ① investment per unit of water treatment; ② Reduce unit pollution investment; ③ Handling unit water and electricity consumption and cost; ④ Reduce unit pollutant electricity consumption and costs; ⑤ Floor area; ⑥ Operational performance reliability; ⑦ The difficulty level of management and maintenance; ⑧ Overall environmental benefits, etc. Wastewater treatment methods are mainly divided into four categories: physical treatment, chemical treatment, physicochemical treatment, and biological treatment. Our centrifuge adopts a physical treatment method, which separates and recovers insoluble and suspended pollutants from wastewater through physical action, without changing their chemical properties during the treatment process. Commonly used methods include filtration, sedimentation, flotation, etc. (1) Filtration method: Using filtration media to intercept suspended solids in sewage. The filtering media include screens, gauze, and particles, and commonly used filtering equipment includes grilles, screens, microfilters, centrifuges, etc. Horizontal spiral centrifuges are commonly used to treat sewage. They utilize the density difference between solid and liquid phases to accelerate the settling speed of solid particles under the action of centrifugal force to achieve solid-liquid separation. Thus achieving sewage treatment! Separating solids and liquids in sewage, thereby accelerating the treatment speed of sewage

The biochemical treatment part adopts the contact aerobic treatment process, which is a mature treatment scheme with high removal rate of organic pollutants, effective reduction of BOD5, and effective removal of ammonia nitrogen. Adopting a biological contact oxidation tank, the biofilm in this tank has a large surface area, can adsorb a large amount of organic matter in wastewater, and has strong oxidation ability. As organic matter is decomposed, the microbial body continues to grow and reproduce, which increases the number of biofilms. Due to the aging and death of microorganisms on the biofilm, the biofilm will detach from the surface of the filter material and then flow out of the pool with the wastewater.

The advantages of a horizontal screw centrifuge are many, but there are also some drawbacks. When choosing a horizontal screw centrifuge, we need to carefully distinguish and choose the product that suits us. The advantages of a horizontal screw centrifuge are that it can perform uninterrupted separation work, large processing capacity, low liquid content of the processed product (usually less than 5% moisture), and small footprint, which can achieve automated operation, Significantly reduce the use of time and labor! The disadvantage is that maintenance is quite troublesome, and the selection of materials is relatively small. Many materials cannot be used in horizontal screw machines, and the scope of application is still relatively small! And the price is relatively expensive. So no matter what type of centrifuge you use, you need to choose the machine that is suitable for your product!

The situation of horizontal screw centrifuges is relatively troublesome, and the main problem is that the separation effect of the machine is generally not very ideal, and the efficiency of using it for suitable materials is very high. But it cannot be used if it is not suitable! Also, if there is a mechanical malfunction, please try to ask the centrifuge manufacturer to solve it according to the situation. If you are not familiar with this model, it may be difficult to repair it yourself. Common problems include differential failure, blade wear, and oil pipe and circuit problems! It is recommended that professional personnel solve the problem better!

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