Decanter centrifuges are mainly divided into two categories, one of which is two-phase horizontal screw centrifuges used for liquid-solid separation.

One type is three-phase horizontal screw centrifuges used for liquid-liquid solid separation.

Working principle of decanter centrifuge:

A horizontal spiral centrifuge is a type of spiral discharge settling centrifuge.

It mainly consists of components such as a high-speed drum, a spiral conveyor with a hollow shaft that turns the same as the drum and has a slightly lower speed than the drum, and a differential. When the suspension to be separated is fed into the drum by a hollow shaft, it is immediately thrown into the drum cavity under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. The high-speed rotating drum generates strong centrifugal force, which throws solid particles with higher density than the liquid phase onto the inner wall of the drum, forming a solid layer (called a solid ring layer due to its ring shape); Due to its low density and centrifugal force, water can only form a liquid layer on the inner side of the solid ring layer, known as the liquid ring layer. Due to the different rotational speeds of the screw and the drum, there is a relative motion (i.e. speed difference) between the two. By using the relative motion of the screw and drum, the sludge in the solid ring layer is slowly pushed to the cone end of the drum, and after passing through the drying area, it is continuously discharged from the outlet distributed around the circumference of the drum; The liquid in the liquid ring layer is continuously discharged by gravity from the weir outlet to the outside of the drum, forming a separated liquid.

Operation management of decanter centrifuge:

Due to the fact that the system is a blast furnace gas washing water and sludge treatment system, the water quality of its recovery varies greatly, the sludge particles cause severe equipment wear and tear, and there are many uncertain factors affecting the external environment. In addition, the system has a variety of treatment equipment types and interlaced treatment processes, which require high requirements for operating personnel. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of each link and fully play the role of each facility and equipment, it is necessary to strengthen daily operation management, There should be a set of management measures to ensure it.

The function of a horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

The horizontal spiral centrifuge uses the principle of centrifugal settling to separate the suspension, and pushes the blades on the spiral feeder to the slag discharge port at the small end of the drum for discharge. The liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the large end of the drum. In this continuous cycle, to achieve the goal of continuous separation.

Liquid separation

1: Adopting involute planetary gear differential, with large transmission ratio and high accuracy.

2: The entire machine is equipped with a mechanical and electrical dual overload protection device, ensuring safe use.

3: The main motor of the power frequency speed regulation type is equipped with a hydraulic coupling, and the motor runs smoothly.

4: High quality stainless steel material with strong corrosion resistance is selected for the contact area with materials.

5: The whole machine adopts an integral frame structure, which is safe and convenient for lifting, and occupies a small area.

6: Explosion proof level Exd Ⅱ BT4 for power frequency and variable frequency electrical appliances, good sealing performance of control box.

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