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How To Separate Magnetic particle:

The problem of magnetic particle separation has always troubled everyone, and the Shenzhou team has further modified the original centrifuge structure based on the characteristics of magnetic particles. A horizontal screw centrifuge specifically designed for magnetic particle dehydration has been developed.

Our company's customers have ordered three batches of goods from our company, but there were no batches of 15 units. Currently, all of them are used for magnetic powder dehydration. The separation effect has greatly achieved customer satisfaction.

Recently, Shenzhou techinal team have recently made a significant breakthrough in the field of magnetic powder separation, This innovative technology promises to revolutionize the process of separating magnetic powders, The traditional method of separating magnetic powders involves suspending them in a liquid and using magnetic fields to attract and collect the particles. However, this approach is often time-consuming and inefficient, resulting in lower purity and yield.


Below five sets LW450 decanter centrifuges have already been completed by Shenzhou professional team, and will soon arrange to send to overseas customers for magnetic powder sewage Separation.


The newly developed spiral decanter centrifuge offers a more efficient and precise separation process. It utilizes centrifugal force to distribute the magnetic powders evenly along a spiral, As the powders move through the spiral channel, they experience differing centrifugal forces based on their densities.

Due to the difference in densities, the magnetic powders get separated by moving towards different positions along the spiral channel. Heavier particles with higher densities move to the outer edge, while lighter particles migrate towards the center. Ultimately, this leads to a highly accurate separation process, enabling the extraction of magnetic powders with exceptional purity levels.

This breakthrough has vast implications for multiple industries that heavily rely on the use of magnetic powders. For instance, in the manufacturing sector, this technology can enhance the production of high-quality magnetic materials used in various devices. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from the improved separation process for nanoparticles used in drug delivery systems, ultimately leading to more effective treatments.

Overall, the introduction of the spiral decanter centrifuge a significant milestone the field of magnetic powder separation. This breakthrough technology brings forth improved efficiency, higher purity, and increased yield, promising to reshape various industries that heavily rely on magnetic powders.

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