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LWS420 Olive Oil Filtering Decanter Centrifuges is designed specially for olive oil extraction from the ready paste by 2-phase or 3-phase separation. Together with our polishing separator,customer can produce the extra virgin olive oil. 2 Phase decanter centrifuge is designed for olive oil extraction to avoid waste water pollution issues. 3 Phase decanter centrifuge is designed for olive oil extraction to get more drier olive pomace.


Plant Benefits:
1.Olive oil lines for batch and continuous processing
2.Design concepts for different capacities
3.Adjustment of machine parameters according to changes in product and process conditions
4.Simple control and handling Robust, sturdy quality “Made in China”
5.High efficiency – fast pay back time
6.Maximum product yield and minimum residual oil content in the pomace through innovative centrifugal technology
7.Low fresh water consumption with minimum waste water reduces environmental pollution
8.No manual cleaning of the disc stack thanks to the self-cleaning bowl of the separator
9.Polishing separator for minimum oil losses during discharge and automatic disc cleaning
10.Minimum oil oxidation thanks to centripetal pump 1-2% more oil yield than comparable machines
11.No additional separator needed for waste water because of adjustable paring tube Improved malaxer for high quality olive oil
12.Customer proximity and on-site service due to world-wide sales and service network In-depth know-how: more than 50 years of experience in the development and design of centrifuges.

How To Cultivate The Olive Tree To Extract An Excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The 5 steps for the production of olive oil
Olive Oil production is mainly divided into 5 phases.

Harvesting is one of the most delicate and decisive steps to obtain an excellent quality olive oil.
Generally it is facilitated with the use of nets lying on the ground under the plants that allow to easily collect the fallenproduct or facilitated by any mechanical equipment.

2.Washing And Pressing
After harvesting the olives are weighed and subjected to an abundant washing in water. This process is carried out with a special washing machine with a constant flow of water that invests the olives.
The crushing system of the milled olives is the most ancient instrument, conceptually derived from the millstones used since the Hellenic age. Today, however, many mills use the most modern hammer crushers, which break the olives by pushing them violently against a metal grid.

After pressing the olive paste is subjected to the kneading operation which consists of a continuous and slow mixing of the dough.
The kneading phase is an essential moment for the subsequent extraction of the oil from the olive paste. In fact, the kneading allows the olive paste to reach the optimal temperature in which the natural enzymes present are able to fully activate.

The extraction phase consists in the separation of the oil from the solid fraction.
This phase can be performed for:
* Pressure;
* Centrifugation;
* Percolation.



In this final phase we proceed to separate the olive oil from the water thanks to the centrifugal force.

Structure And Working Principle

Technical Parameter

Product Details

Spiral Feeder

The spiral feeder is made of 304 stainless steel, and the forging process is adopted , which can enhance its corrosion resistance.

BD structure, spraying hard alloy powder on the surface of the blade. The thickness is over 3mm .The spiral outlet is equipped

with a replacement hard alloy sleeve, which greatly prolongs the service life of the machine blade. Because of this technology,the maintenance cost of the machine is greatly reduced. Other parts in contact with the material are 304 stainless steel.


The drum is cast by 304 stainless steel in centrifugal casting, the forging process is adopted , which can enhance its corrosion resistance, The replaceable alloy sleeve is installed in the solid state outlet, so that the mother material of the drum's outlet is not worn, and the wear-resistant bar is installed in the drum to make the drum inside not worn.

PLC Control Panel

The electrical control adopts the double conversion auto control system, which can display the parameters such as frequency, rotation speed, differential speed and current of operating major and auxiliary electrical engine.

Eletrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ABB

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