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Scraper Discharge Centrifuge 

The scraper discharge centrifuge is a fully automatic centrifuge that operates continuously. According to the structure type, it is divided into siphon scraper discharge centrifuge (GKH series) and ordinary scraper discharge centrifuge (GK series).
The scraper discharge centrifuge can be switched between automatic and manual to realize feeding and dehydration of materials. Periodic cycle operations such as washing and unloading.
Compared with the common scraper centrifuge, the siphon scraper discharge centrifuge increases the siphon suction force similar to vacuum, and has higher production capacity and better separation effect. It is especially suitable for the separation of materials with small solid phase particles, high viscosity, slow filtration speed and the need to wash the filter cake.


1. Using programmer control (PLC and touch screen are optional), program setting, unattended automatic operation, man-machine dialogue can be realized, operation and maintenance are convenient.
2. The action element adopts electric-hydraulic automatic control. Monitoring the whole process of feeding, primary filtration, washing, fine filtration and unloading.
3. Independent electrical control cabinet, which can realize remote control.
4. Safety protection: speed detection, over-vibration protection (optional), cover opening protection (optional), motor overload and overheating protection, scraper rotating mechanical and electrical dual control.
5. The casing adopts welded structure, which is compact in structure and has higher bearing strength of the machine.
6. The motor and the centrifuge host are integrally installed, which is convenient for users to install and use, and reduces the space occupied by the machine.
7. Fully enclosed structure, the seals are made of silicone rubber or fluorine rubber.
8. Independent hydraulic station, which can be installed in isolation for easy maintenance.
9. Adopt hydraulic coupling transmission (models above GK1250), start smoothly, effectively protect the motor from overload damage, and simplify daily maintenance operations.
10. Design the vibration isolation device and rubber vibration damping foundation, the machine runs smoothly, the vibration and noise are greatly reduced, the production workshop and working environment are improved, and the harm of machine vibration to the equipment and the environment is reduced.


It is mainly used for solid-liquid separation of raw material intermediates and finished products in food, pharmaceutical chemical, national defense and other industrial fields. Such as the separation of starch, vitamin BVC sodium, calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, polyacrylonitrile and other similar materials.

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