Hemp Oil CBD Centrifuge

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a purely natural ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. Shenzhou hemp extraction centrifuge is a bowl centrifuge designed to extract the hemp biomass from the alcohol. It uses a centrifugal force of over 3,000 Gs to spin out the biomass solids from the ethanol. The separated biomass and ethanol are continuously discharged from separate discharge ports. Shenzhou hemp extraction centrifuge provides safe and efficient separation and technical filtration solutions. The configuration of the explosion-proof motor and variable speed transmission provides a strong guarantee for increasing CBD's extraction rate.

CBD Extraction Process

There are many methods to extract CBD oil from cannabis. The following 4 steps are usually used to extract hemp oil.

Mixing: Take the crushed (pulverized) hemp to be mixed with ethanol or other extraction fluid, then put into a stainless steel reactor tank with a mechanical mixing agitator to be mixed well.

Separating: By a centrifuge or other separation methods to separate hemp biomass ethanol (or carrier fluid) with Cannabinoid oil dissolved in it.

Refining: By a high G-force, auto-cleaning centrifuge to produce clarified ethanol, is to remove the remaining small biomass particles and waxes, lipids, etc.

Extracting:In the final phase, this carrier fluid will be distilled or evaporated to get pure Cannabinoid oil.

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