Decanter Centrifuge

Centrifugation, an efficient solution to solve your dewatering and thickening tasks Centrifugation is a mechanical separation process in which two or more materials are separated using centrifugal forces. The demands of a centrifuge depend strongly on the specific application (e.g. flow rates and solids load), the material characteristics (e.g. particle size and abrasion behavior), and the operating environment (e.g. explosion-proof design).

Each machine in the Shenzhou  decanter centrifuge family benefits from an application-specific design. Whether your goal is to separate solids from liquids, two liquids from each other, or even to accomplish both tasks at the same time, our application specialists have an optimal design for you. Thanks to decades of experience with continuously evolving machine designs, our top-of-the-class decanter centrifuges ensure reliable and efficient performance.

What‘s your separation challenge? Shenzhou decanter centrifuges are suitable for different processes. DEWATERING The Shenzhou  decanter centrifuge  is the most versatile of all existing solid/liquid separation technologies, and can be tailored to meet your target dry solids content. The decanter makes it possible to produce both thickened sludge and extremely dry cake from highly diluted sludge. Some Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) plant projects, for example, use it to achieve pre-dewatering (upstream thermal lysis step) and thickening during the same process stage. Others use this dual functionality to run the Shenzhou decanter centrifuge  in thickening mode during the period in which liquid sludge can be spread on the fields, and in dewatering mode when it is forbidden to spread liquid sludge on the fields. Pig manure separation also falls into this category. The Shenzhou decanter centrifuge  is capable of producing clarified liquid with a capture rate of more than 80% TSS, while at the same time producing dewatered solids with a very specific granularity necessary for efficient composting. THICKENING As with all sludge dewatering and thickening technologies, performance of the Shenzhou decanter centrifuge  is affected by the conditioning process, such as polymer type and dosage. But unlike other sludge separation technologies, the Shenzhou decanter centrifuge  can still achieve a high solid/liquid separation rate in many applications without slurry pre-conditioning.

CLARIFICATION The Shenzhou decanter centrifuge  combines two significant advantages: high g-force capability and a specific HHP rotor design. The HHP rotor design helps to manage internal solids transportation, making it possible to utilize g-force capabilities to their fullest. All applications benefit from this approach, particularly food production processes such as juice clarification, which demand a high degree of separation at all times. CLASSIFICATION The Shenzhou decanter centrifuge can also be used in classification processes in all industries – from mining & minerals to food, chemical, and environmental applications. One such application is the classification of sand contained in sludge before being processed in a wet oxidation unit. 3-PHASE SEPARATION The SHENZHOU decanter centrifuge  can also be used for 3-phase separation, in which the centrifugal force is used to separate liquids and solids with different densities, or to separate light liquid phase and heavy liquid phase from solids. Many  decanter centrifuges in three phases design are used in applications ranging from slop oil and animal fat separation to olive oil and palm oil. Our machines are designed to support high-temperature processes, up to almost 100°C, to achieve the highest separation rate efficiency.

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