Product description

Lws355x1460 three-phase centrifugeis that two liquid phases and one solid phase enter the centrifuge and expand it thousands of times by relying on the centrifugal force field. The solid phase is settled under the action of centrifugal force, and the two liquid phases are also stratified, so as to realize Solid-liquid-liquid 3-phase separation and discharge them from the body under the action of special mechanism. The whole feeding and separation process is continuous, closed and automatic.


At present, three-phase horizontal screw centrifuges are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, papermaking, mining and other industries. And coal tar industry; Petrochemical industry; Fishing powder industry, swill oil industry, electrolytic copper industry, and the separation of oil, water and slag from waste residues in slaughterhouses.

Material concentration: the material is required to have good fluidity, subject to not affecting the feed. The weight percentage of mixed liquid and solid concentration is generally ≤ 20% (good fluidity, which can be relaxed appropriately).

Material temperature: the allowable material temperature of this centrifuge is ≤ 900C.

Separation range

A. When the liquid viscosity is small and the solid particle size is large, the specific gravity difference between solid, liquid and liquid is required to be ≥ 0.05g/cm3 (solid weight and liquid light).

B. When the liquid viscosity is small and the specific gravity difference between solid and liquid is large (specific gravity difference ≥ 1g / cm3), the solid particle is required to be ≥ 0.005mm and the specific gravity difference between liquid and liquid is required to be ≥ 0.05g/cm3.

C. When the liquid viscosity is large or the specific gravity of solid-liquid is small and the solid particles are very fine, the separation effect will be affected or even not applicable.

D. When the solid particles are easy to be damaged, the separation effect will also be affected.


Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, oil and gas drilling mud / drilling fluid control, washing, separation and dehydration of starch, separation of mycelium and fermentation broth of antibiotics, dehydration of soybean and wheat protein, dehydration of fish meal and meat, dehydration of distiller's grains, clarification and extraction of fruit juice, separation and purification of animal and vegetable oil, production and purification of olive oil, palm oil and avocado oil, separation and purification of coal tar, classification of kaolin and graphite Classification and dehydration of dyes and pigments, flotation of fine coal and slime dewatering, mineral classification and dewatering principle.

Equipment characteristics

The centrifuge can clarify, separate and dehydrate 0.002-3mm materials or classify 1um-5um solid particles. It has the characteristics of wide application range, continuous work, large processing capacity, low cost and convenient maintenance. It is the best equipment for solid-liquid separation.

The differential has high precision, compact structure, stable operation and high safety.

The main bearing adopts imported bearing to ensure its operation accuracy and convenient operation.

The contact parts with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The whole machine is equipped with a variety of safety overload protection devices to ensure safe production.

The whole machine system is designed with ordinary type and explosion-proof type to meet different requirements.

Drum cone structure with large aspect ratio, high speed and multiple angles.

The screw pusher adopts hard alloy material for hard surface treatment, with strong wear resistance.

The rack can be designed into low center of gravity, high support and mobile according to the needs of users.

With BD plate spiral structure, it is suitable for the concentration and dehydration of activated sludge and materials that are difficult to separate.

According to the actual requirements, it can be equipped with double frequency conversion and intelligent full-automatic control system.

Main features

Continuous operation, spiral discharge, high capacity.

Compact structure and convenient maintenance

Fully enclosed operation, clean and pollution-free on site;

The amount of flocculant and cleaning water is small, and the daily operation cost is low;

Compact equipment layout and small floor area can significantly reduce land acquisition and infrastructure investment.

Material selection

According to the user's requirements, the product contact can be made of austenitic stainless steel (321, 316L...), Haines alloy, titanium alloy or other anti-corrosion materials.

Structure and working principle

In the three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge, the materials to be separated enter the acceleration chamber of the screw pusher through the feed pipe and then enter the inner wall of the rotating drum at high speed. Due to the different specific gravity of light liquid phase heavy liquid phase insoluble solid phase in the materials, the centrifugal force on the three-phase materials is different, and the insoluble solid phase is settled to the inner wall (outermost) due to the largest centrifuge with the largest specific gravity, Due to the minimum centrifugal force, the light liquid phase is settled farthest (outermost) from the inner wall of the drum. The heavy liquid phase is in the middle. The insoluble solid phase is discharged from the solid phase outlet through the screw pusher with relative differential speed with the drum. The light and heavy liquid phases are separated by different structures in the machine. The heavy liquid phase is discharged through the centripetal pump and the light liquid phase is discharged by gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of three-phase separation of materials. The light and heavy liquid phases of our three-phase horizontal screw centrifuges are discharged by gravity and centrifugal force respectively, so as to effectively avoid the incomplete separation of materials caused by the mixing of materials. When working, the ordinary three-phase horizontal screw centrifuges often cause incomplete separation due to the unstable components of light and heavy liquid phases, Our three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge can adjust the interface of light and heavy liquid phases according to the changes of material components, so as to achieve the ideal separation effect.

Technical parameter

Users can reasonably select the working parameters of the centrifuge according to the physical properties of the separated material (suspension), separation requirements, treatment capacity, process requirements and other factors, so as to obtain satisfactory separation effect and economic benefits. Colors and materials can be customized.

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