As a good and professional pusher centrifuge manufacturer, Shenzhou has been making high quality centrifuge products. When the drum runs at a full speed driven by the main motor and transmission belt, the suspension of HR pistons pusher centrifuge will be led to the product distributing plate through the feeding pipeline continuously. Then the suspension will be distributed evenly on the filter net in the inner first-grade drum. Most of the liquid phase will be thrown out through the filter net and the filter holes on the drum wall, and then drained outside through the liquid outlet. The solid will be intercepted on the first-grade drum and form a cake ring.


HR Model and Main Parameters:

HR Using Scope

This pusher centrifuge type is well used to separate suspension with its solid size is over 0.1mm and density is over 30%. The pusher centrifuge machine can be used in the chemical, light, pharmacy and food industry to produce sodium chloride ammonium fluoride ammonium bicarbonate, sodium sulphate, urea, caffeine, polyethylene, polystyrene, oxalate, nitrate.

The choice of HR pistons pushing centrifuge:

1. If the customer has high requirements on moisture content of filter cake, washing effect, and working capacity.

2. The density of the suspension should be within 30%-80% (weight percentage); ten even product particle size is over 0.1mm and its viscosity should be less than 10-1pa.s. You can choose HR pistons pusher centrifuge machine above conditions.


HR series centrifuge is a kind of horizontal two-stage pistons pushing centrifuge and filtering centrifuge with continuous operation. Materials are fed continuously through feeding pipe and distributed evenly on the inner drum wall under the full involving speed of both inner and outer drum. Under the centrifugal force, liquid will be drained outside through the filtering net and the filtering holes on the drum wall while the solid will be intercepted in the inner drum and form a cake ring. While the drums of the two grades are revolving together at a same speed, the inner drum will move reciprocately continuously in axial direction under the driven of the pistons,then the pushing plate will be able to push out the filter cake from the inner drum. In the next step, the filter cake will be pushed into the outer drum for further separation. Then the outer edge of the inner drum will push the new filter cake to the out of the outer drum continuously and then discharged through the scraping groove.


All operations under full speed;Automatic operation with continuous discharging and great capacity. Crystal shape will be kept completely;Filter cake can be washed inside the machine; Product contact parts adopt stainless steel with good anti-corrosion property.


Two stage pistons pushing centrifuge usually used for separating even suspension with medium and coarse particles(>0.1mm) and high concentration(>30%). The bigger the particle, the higher the solid content, the higher the capacity and the better the separating effect.

Our company started to manufacture HR pistons pushing centrifuge since year 1980 with all models and more than 7000 sets output which has been widely used in chemical, fertilizer, salt, pharmacy and environment protection area.

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