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Shenzhou Group Co.,Ltd/Liaoyang Shenzhou Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd maintains stringent norms of quality to manufacture Oil sludge dewatering filter decanter centrifuge. The product is endowed with stable and multi-functional performance. It is mainly used in the application field(s) of Separation Equipment. We have been in the trade for over many years and are a well established business with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Place of Origin:ChinaType:Centrifuge
Product Type:PlantCondition:New
Video outgoing-inspection:ProvidedMachinery Test Report:Provided
Marketing Type:New Product 2020Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:PLC, Bearing, Gearbox, MotorBrand Name:Shenzhou
Warranty:1 YearKey Selling Points:Easy to Operate
Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Construction works , Food & Beverage Shops, Chemical plant, pharmaceutical plantShowroom Location:Thailand, Sri Lanka
Material:Stainless SteelProduct name:Decanter Centrifuge
Max.Capacity:2m³/H 45m³/H 57m³/H 80m³/HDrum Max Speed:4800rpm 3900rpm 1800rpm 3200rpm

Product Description
Shenzhou Sludge Dewatering Filter Separator Machine Waste Oil Decanter Centrifuge
Operating principle:
The purpose of separation is to separate out substances with different mass ratios from mixed fluid.Separation forms included solid-liquid separation,liquid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid-solid separation.
When mixed fluid enters rotating bowl of centrifuge through feed tube ,solids with larger density would rapidly deposit on inner wall of the bowl,forced by centrifugal acceleration.Then spiral pusher pushed deposited solids to taper end of the bowl,and discharges them out of centrifuge from residual outlet.Meanwhile ,liquid phase with smaller density forms a liquid ring layer and discharges from bowl through overflow port,the bowl and spiral pusher run at a high speed simultaneously ,for there exists speed discrepancy,deposited solids on the wall of bowl could be conveyed to residue outlet by spiral pusher.This separation process carry out continuously.

Separation technique
Feeding-gravitational separation-liquid discharge-sediment discharge.
Separation effect factors Centrifuging factor ,length to diameter ratio of cavity ,depth of fluid pool.
Field control
Bowl rotating speed ,rotative speed difference,between,spiral pusher and bowl depth of liquid pool.
Scope of application:
Application fields
1. Food

A flesh processing,aquatic products process and edible protein recovery;
B Extract plant protein from soybean,oily seeds and leguminous plants;
C Recovery of brewing leach liquor malt and yeast
D Treatment and recovery of wine lees liquid;
E Extract of instant coffee and tea;
F Clarification of palm oil,olive oil and seed oil;
G Extract juice from fruits ,berries and vegetables;
H Recovery of refined pectin;
I Clarification of grape juice and grape wine.

2. Environmental protection

Drilling mud ,industrial effluent ,waste water of municipal works,fertilizer,organic waste water,paint sludge,plastic
particles,gravel washing water,waste water in steel-making ,flue gas desulfurization,sewage sludge treatment of waterworks.

3. Petroleum and chemical industry

A Processing of kaolin and calcium carbonate,production of bentonite and titanium dioxide;
B Exploration of petroleum oil,natural gas,crude oil refining and related industries,additive of lube oil and waste oil recovery;
C Intermediate products and final products of organic chemistry industry;
D Thermoplastic materials,includes PVC,polypropylene,polystyrene,synthetic rubber and fiber;
E Inorganic chemical industry ,includes bleach,acid,silica products and fertilizers;
F Treatment of spent wash and molasses fermentation residues;
G Extraction of starch from wheat,corn ,cassava and potato;
H Waste liquid recovery and recycling from above industries.

Other fields
Pharmaceutical intermediates,salts and manures,etc.
Pulp & Paper Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry needs a lot of water to produce paper. Only with the help of pulp water suspension, can the paper obtain its uniform structure. No matter for the treatment of primary fibers (such as wood and pulp), or the recycling of waste paper, enormous water is needed. At the same time, a large number of generated wastewater needs to be well treated. In addition, the recycling of waste paper, and the treatment of pigments require mechanical separation equipment. RS decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator are widely adopted in wastewater treatment, waste paper recycling, pigment extraction and so on.
Polyvinyl Chloride & Polyethylene Industry
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a starting agent for vinyl chloride monomers in peroxides, azo compounds, etc.; or it is a polymer polymerized under the mechanism of free radical polymerization under the action of light or heat. PVC is widely used in building
materials, industrial products, daily necessities, flooring leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires and cables, packaging films, bottles, foaming materials, sealing materials, fibers and so on. Most PVCs are produced by suspension polymerization. In the suspension polymerization process, RS decanter centrifuge can be well used to dehydrate the polymerized
Dehydration Of Pure Alkali, White Mud, Salt Mud
The treatment of white mud and salt mud has always been a difficult problem in ammonia alkali soda producing enterprises. It is impossible to treat the white mud and salt mud by landfill, so it is necessary to make 100% comprehensive utilization of them. The white mud and salt mud treated by decanter centrifuge do not need sand separation process, which is different from the process requirements of plate-frame filter press. The sand in the normal distilled waste liquid can be separated by the decanter centrifuge, and it will not affect the equipment.
Pharmaceuticals Industry
Separation and extraction of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredient), pharmaceutical intermediates, teas, honeysuckles, Chinese yews, vitamin B5, porcine brain protein, intestinal capsid, etc. API extraction process: net preparation, cutting, processing, drying, crushing, extraction (water extraction or solvent extraction: organic solvents such as ethanol), solid-liquid separation, ultra-filtration, evaporation concentration (recovery of organic solvents), drying, crushing, screening, packaging, sending to the solid or liquid preparation workshop. In the solid-liquid separation process, RS C Series explosion-proof high-speed decanter
centrifuge or high-speed disc stack separator can be used to separate and remove impurities after alcohol precipitation to get the active ingredients dissolved in ethanol solution; followed by high-temperature distillation of ethanol and a complete separation of pharmaceutical ingredients.
Production of Chemical Products
In the chemical material processing engineering, RS decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator can be used to clarify the liquid, separate the two kinds of liquid with different densities, classify the solid mixture, and carry out the dehydration of the liquid-solid mixture. Common chemical materials are: aluminum hydroxide, barium sulfate, bauxite, saponite, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium sulfate, carbonized sludge, sodium hydroxide, cellulose derivatives, clay mud, pigments, cryolite, dimethyl terephthalate, epoxy resin, fluorescent materials, graphite, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide, kaolin, latex, alumina, lead
sulfate, lime slurry, mica, mineral oil, nickel hydroxide, pharmaceutical intermediates, phosphoric acid products, phosphoric acid, plastic derivatives, polymethyl methacrylate, polypropylene, calcium silicate, sodium chloride, titanium dioxide, calcium phosphate, various salts, vitamins, zinc carbonate, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate.
Biomass Separation
Fermentation refers to the process by which people use the life activities of microorganisms under aerobic or anaerobic conditions to prepare microorganisms themselves, or direct metabolites or secondary metabolites. In general, fermentation means the decomposition of organic matter by organisms. Fermentation is a biochemical reaction for a long history, and it is now widely used in both biological and chemical industries. These products can be obtained from fermentation broth by means of mechanical separation technology. Organic acids, such as lactic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, and other organic materials, can be obtained by SZ decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator. In addition, SZ centrifugal separators can purify the medium of the fermentation process or clarification of the fermentation broth at the preparation stage.
Collection of Algae
Algae can be used as raw materials for foods, biofuels, medicines, cosmetics, etc. SZ decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator can be used for concentrating and separating algal raw materials. Algae can be separated from their medium and processed into high-quality algae concentrates by means of SZ separation equipment. The separation technology used to recycle algae has a decisive effect on the economic benefits of the whole process: it is important to make the investment cost and operating cost of energy, water and so on as low as possible. At the same time, the separated algae concentrate should have the highest possible dry matter content in order to continue its optimal treatment. Algae suspended matter from the bioreactor flows directly into the disc stack separator, and through a high G force up to 12,000G, and then the algae suspended matter can be dehydrated into a cream-like algae concentrate.
Main technical features
1. Industrial design

Whole machine set design follows concept of advanced industrial design,ensures stability,functionality and safety of whole machine.Also effectively absorbs shear force of dynamic load during operation.

2. Effectively ease resonance during rotating of bi-rotor

When centrifuge works,there is no obvious first-order and two-order resonance regions within designed speed range,meanwhile ,whole vibration intensity of bearing seat is definited within 2mm/s-4mm/s.All of this eliminates extra fatigue damage to components and assembly units from high frequency vibration during operation and sudden vibration when shut down.

3. Thoroughly eliminate phenomenon of liquid ring stalling

Phenomenon of liquid ring stalling happens during heavy duty boot or shutdown process of complete set machine,especially for LW550 and even larger models,It would makes bounce or wild shake,causes extra impact fatigue damage to main bearings,screw bearings and inner parts of rotary bowl.Fortunately ,our engineers have solved this problem thoroughly.
4. Unique technique adopt in main component work-blanks

The manufacturing methods of main component work-blanks are adopt centrifugal casting technique and overall mould-making forging technique,thoroughly avoid risks such as inter-granular corrosion and relaxation of residual stress release in welding joint.

5. Main bearing selection

We use origin bearings of international first-line brands such as SKF,FAG and so on.

6. Constant temperature detection

All fashioning components and assembly units are detected in constant temperature condition,to make sure of actual processing quality meets the requirements of designed precision accuracy.

7. Inter-change ability

Whole machine physical design and processing technique adopted in critical position,ensure all assembly units and bowls of the same centrifuge model interchangeable.It is not only easy to maintain ,but also greatly improve the reliability and safety of equipment.

8. Simplyand safely in bearing disassemblement

One layer of oil film is injected into contact surfaces between bearing and work-piece by high-
pressure,during disassemblement bearing from the machine.which would fundamentally eliminate friction within different parts.As a result,it would reduce 90% of pulling force and lower the risk of damage to high-precision parts when disassemble bearing.
9.Main bearing lubrication system
There are two kinds of lubrication system for specific product models :
A thin oil lubrication
* Oil pump offers an uninterruptedly power to ensure oil works circularly;
* Jet oil lubrication constantly clean and lubricate bearings and reduce temperature;
* Oil filter system ensure lubricant’s cleanliness;
* Oil pressure energy storage system ensure lubrication pump offers an extra oil supply(the pressure is no less than 0.4Mpa) for 5-6 minutes,when power fails accidentally;
* Constant temperature system is available.

B grease lubrication
* Adopt a grease with properties of extreme pressure resistance ,oxidation resistance ,abrasion resistance,water scour
resistance,corrosion-proof and high temperature resistance.
* Optional automatic grease system fills grease on main bearing at designed hours and quantity.

10. Main bearing BH device (patent design)

There are two spare safe bearings at either end of main bearing.When machine works well,they keep certain clearance from bearing inside track to chief axis.When unexpected condition occurs,main bearing got damaged or circle center deviation causing an amplitude of vibration reaches to designed clearance,safe bearings begin to work as main bearing Meanwhile,computer automatic control system would get a feedback of abnormal vibration value on bearing position immediately then activates emergency shutdown and goes a smooth shut down.This system protects machine free from damaging and ensure production safety.

11. GSRL feeding device (potent design)

New design of internal spiral core tube has got following achieves.Without reducing centrifugal acceleration,shorten triangle belt's traction time,reduce disorder of swirling flow and extend separation time.Meanwhile increases inner working pressure of centrifuge,and restrains liquid foaming.
Production workshop

Screw production1

Screw production2:


High speed dynamic balance detection1

High speed dynamic balance detection2

Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Q1.What's your advantage? Why we choose you?
A:1) More than 50 years experience of centrifuge & separator production and R&D.We have the most professional techniques and team. More advantage in price
2)Great production capacity Sustainable Supply . According to customer requirements, We support the customized include package.
3)We use famouse good quality materials and the best production process

Q2.What's the Payment?
A:T/T would be better with quick transfer and few bank fees. LC could also be accept, but the
procedure is complex and the fee is high. You can also use Western Union and Paypal.

Q3.Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a professional manufacturer. We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us.

Q4.How long is the warranty period ?
A:12 months.
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