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HR pusher centrifuge is a type of filtering centrifuge characterized by continuous feeding and intermittent discharging. 

In continuous solid/liquid separation, SHENZHOU pusher centrifuges successfully combine the features of high availability with minimum maintenance and reduced specific space requirement. Especially suited for fast filtering products, demanding for high throughput rates, our pusher centrifuges are the right choice for reliable and effective dewatering. A variety of washing modes and machine sizes are available in order to meet the individual quality requirements for your final product.

Composed of hydraulic system, pushing mechanism, base, enclosure, transmission mechanism, basket, etc., this product is able to realize continuous feeding, separation, washing, discharging and other processes at full speed.



Average particle size:    80-2,000 µm    

Solids throughput:    up to 150 t/h    

Solids recovery:    >98%    

Solids concentration of slurry to be separated:
for crystalline products:    30-75 M%    

for fibrous products:    2-12 M%    

for plastics:    5-25 M%    

Shenzhou pusher centrifuge Industrial Application

This product is applicable to the filtration of sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, urea, polyethylene, polypropyl ethylene, ammonium nitrate, oxalic acid, sodium sulfate, caffeine, etc. in the chemical, fertilizer, alkali production, salt production and other industries.

sHENZHOU pusher centrifuge function 

SHENZHOU pusher centrifuges are continuously operating centrifuges. The product is fed through a feed pipe (or feed screw in the case of products that do not flow freely) into the feed distributor, which rotates with the basket. This accelerates the slurry and feeds it with uniform distribution to the feed zone, where the greater part of the liquid (approx. 80%) is filtered. In the feed zone, the solids grow to form a stable filter cake ring. The filter cake is conveyed in the direction of the solids discharge stroke by stroke due to the relative axial between pusher bottom and screen basket. During this process, an intact filter cake forms over the entire length of the screen. As the filter cake progresses from the feed zone to the solids discharge, it can be washed as required. For this purpose, a wash liquor is applied to the cake surface, displacing the suspension liquid and impurities. Multi-stage washing is also possible with several successive washing zones.

Multi-stage centrifuges with several baskets loosen the filter cake and reshape it by moving it from the inner basket to the next larger basket. As a result of this re-shaping process, moisture that forms between the particles is exposed and filtered. The solids are discharged at the end of the basket after each pusher movement.

Shenzhou pusher centrifuge parameters:

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