3Phase decanter centrifuge:

This type is mainly used for solid-liquid-liquid separation, which means to separate a solid phase (with its density being the maximum) with two liquid phases of different densities. Based on a certain differential, the Bowl and spiral revolve in the same direction at high speeds, and the materials enter the equipment through the feeding pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid matters will deposit to form a sediment layer on the Bowl wall, and the two liquid phases will form a light liquid ring and a heavy liquid ring respectively, successively forming a solid layer, light liquid layer and heavy liquid layer inward from the Bowl wall. The spiral works continuously to push the solid matters on the Bowl wall to the conical end of the Bowl and then discharge them out of the equipment through the slag discharging port. The light liquid phase continuously flows out of the overflow port at the big end of the Bowl, while the heavy liquid phase is discharged out through the centripetal pump also at the big end. Thus, continuous separation of three phases is realized.


3 phase liquid-liquid-solid Decanter centrifuges, also called tricanter , Taking advantage of the principle that the heavy liquid,light liquid and solid phase, with different density and mutually insoluble in the mixed liquid, gain different sedimentation speed in the centrifugal force field or gravity force field, separating stratification or causing the solid particles in the liquid to deposit can be achieved.It is the popular machine throughout the world and widely used in the crude oil separation.Specially used for remove sludge and water from crude oil. 


1) City tap water, domestic sludge dewatering; 

2) Oil drilling mud dewatering;

 3) Sludge Oil Recovery; 

4) Refinery sludge concentrated dehydration; 

5) Distiller ‘s grains dehydration;

 6) Paper, printing and dyeing wastewater separation;

 7) Medical sludge dewatering; 

8) Soy protein dehydration; 

9) Plant oil clarification and separation; 

10) Cosmetic clarification and separation; 

11) Bleaching powder separation. 

12) Palm oil sludge Separating.

Technical Parameter of three phase decanter:

2 phase Decanter Centrifuges

LW series products are decanter centrifuges that can work continuously and are mainly used for solid-liquid separation,
dehydration, fractionation, clarification, and concentration of materials. Based on different phase densities, it separates the solid phases and liquid phases under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed revolution of the Bowl. The solid phases are conveyed to the conical end of the Bowl through a spiral and then discharged, and the liquid phases are discharged out from the overflow port at the big end of the Bowl. Characterized by simple design, high efficiency and scientific configuration, this product has been widely applied to chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food, mining, energy and other industries.


Labyrinth seal is adopted for both ends of the Bowl of the standard type of the LW series, which is simple yet efficient. After separation, the solid phases are pushed to the solid discharge outlet through a spiral and then discharged out of the Bowl under the action of the centrifugal force generated from high-speed revolution, and the clarified liquid is discharged out of the overflow port at the big end of the Bowl. Featuring simple operation, stable operation, high efficiency and high automation, and continuous working of 24 hours, this type is widely applied.

Technical Parameter of 2 phase decanter:

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