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Shenzhou Group Co.,Ltd/Liaoyang Shenzhou Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd keeps introducing technology to manufacture GQ45 High Speed Tubular Separator for lab testing. GQ45 High Speed Tubular Separator for lab testing is made available in a varied range of specifications. In aspect of the product design, our design team always pays close attention to the customers' taste and industry trends. Thanks to this, our GQ45 High Speed Tubular Separator for lab testing can fully attract people's attention with its unique appearance. Moreover, it is excellent performance, making it worth the investment.

Place of Origin:Liaoning, ChinaType:Centrifuge
Product Type:PlantCondition:New
Video outgoing-inspection:ProvidedMachinery Test Report:Provided
Marketing Type:Hot Product 2019Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:Bearing, MotorBrand Name:Shenzhou
Voltage:CustomerizedPower:Model choosing
Warranty:1 YearKey Selling Points:Easy to Operate
Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Food & Beverage Shops, centrifuge, animal feed factory, Blood plasma factoryShowroom Location:None
Material:Stainless Steel

Product Description
Factory price front door open tubular bowl centrifuge for animal blood plasma separation
GQ45 high speed tubular centrifuge :
1.Fundamental of GQ45 high speed tubular centrifuge for blood separation:

The fermentation suspension was fed into the drum through a nozzle of the bottom hollow shaft at a certain pressure, and the suspension was distributed around the drum. The suspension was accelerated from the baffle to the drum speed (21000 rpm) Due to the role of inertial centrifugal force was thrown to the drum wall, but because the suspension of particles and bacteria (heavy phase) than the light liquid (water) a larger density, and thus obtain a larger inertial centrifugal force, so concentrated in the outer , Light liquid relative to the inner layer to move and the formation of light liquid layer, the top of the annular overflow port discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid-solid separation.

2.Steps of GQ45 high speed tubular centrifuge:

1. Turn on the motor running the separator, wait about 80 seconds, the drum can reach the working speed.
2. After the machine at full speed, before opening the feed valve, the first valve to open the liquid to clarify the flow out of
the nozzle after the mouth, the The valve to a certain flow (according to the characteristics of the fermentation broth), the
liquid clarification, in the separation process is best not to stop feeding.
3. In the separation operation, observe whether the flow rate is normal, observe whether the clarity meets the requirements, and the liquid to the outlet When mixed, shut down slag.
4. Before the shutdown must first turn off the feed valve, until the liquid flow does not flow liquid before stopping. Stop
method: disconnect the power, Free stop.
5. Slag: remove the drum with a protective cap, on the fixed frame, with a special wrench to open the low drum drum, with a retractor Three wings. With a scraper, shovel will drum inside the sediment and solid phase removed, and clean.
6. Assembly: Three-wing plate into the drum, pay attention to the three-wing plate to the top of the drum (and its positioning mark and drum positioning

Bowl Inner Diameter(mm)
Bowl Speed(r/m)
Bowl Volume(L)
Bowl Solid holding volume(L)
G force
Dia of feeding nozzle(mm)
Max throughput based on water (L/H)
Actual throughput for most feeding(L/H)
Feeding Pressure(Mpa)
Motor Power(KW)
How They Work:

it is mainly used for various suspension very difficulty to separate, especially suitable for suspension that is low concentration and fine grain, small specific gravity difference between solid phase and liquid phase. solid particles with larger Density deposite on the inner wall of the drum, gradually forming a sediment layer, which needs artificial discharge after downtime. the clarified fluid to the upper part of the drum is discharged from the drainage mouth.

4.Main application of GQ45 high speed tubular centrifuge :
For example, the clarification for all kliquid medicine, glucose chlorhexidine, malic acid, various oral liquid, Asiatic moonseed rhizome; extraction for Coal tar, graphite slag, a variety of protein, algae, pectin; refining for Honey; Blood separation, hyphae of vaccine, the settlement of various glucose, purification of paint, dye, resin, rubber solution.
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Application Case
Typical Applications•Harvesting biomass
•Clarifying process liquids
•Separating liquid products
•Fractionation of human blood
•Animal blood processing
•Processing of granular
, crystalline & fibrous suspensions
•Separation of filterable & non-filterable sludges
Features & Benefits:

Rapid separations
•Consistent performance
•Range of models facilitatescale-up
•Simple to set up, use andclean for minimal down-timebetween separations
•No replacement membranes,or costly disposables
•Small footprint saves space•Enclosed models availablefor ambient gas control
•For mixtures with very highsolids concentrations, drumcentrifuges can be supplied•Powerful 3-phase electricmotors (in models GQ45-GQ150)provide rapid acceleration, andquieter operation.

Permanently-lubricated over sized head bearingsmaintain long service life.
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Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
1. What certificates do you have?
We can provide CE, ISO 9001, etc

2. What is the warranty period of the equipment?
Normally 1 year warranty.

3. Can we visit your factory?
Of course, we sincerely invite you to visit, If it's not convenient for you to come to our factory, you can also visit by
telephone video conference.

4. What's payment you accept?
A4: T/T, Western Union, L/C, Ali Pay, etc

5. Can it be customized?
Of course, our equipment can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.
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