Tubular Centrifuge


GQ tubular centrifuge separators are for liquid solid clarification which mainly used for clarifying all kinds of liquid mixture which content very fine solid particles, such as coffee, tea, yeast, starch , bacteria and algae and etc.


The separator parts which contact with the materials are made of stainless steel. The machine body is iron casted which could be covered with stainless steel or coated with paintings according to the requirement of the customer.


Working principle of GQ:

It is a high-speed centrifuge with strong separating capacity. The liquid mixture is fed through the feeding pipe in the bottom of the separator, the bowl of the centrifuge is driven by the motor via spindle and rotates around its axis at a very high speed and forms a strong centrifugal force and this centrifugal force separates the liquid mixture into liquid and solid according to their different gravities. The liquid is drain out from  respective liquid outlets on the top of the separator, in the meantime, the solids are deposited on the bowl's wall. When the accumulated solids full of the separator bowl, there will be no liquids drain out from the liquid outlets, the separator shall be stopped to remove the solid from the bowl manually.

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