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Low price laboratory table top tubular centrifuge machine
Rotational Speed
The rotational speed of a centrifuge is directly related to the separation effect and output of the centrifuge, and the same is true for tubular centrifuges. Under the same conditions, the higher the rotational speed is, the better the separation effect and the greater the output. Our GQ105 tubular centrifuge factory speed 18400r/min (up to 19000r/min, ±100), other manufacturers of the same type of machine is 16000-16300r/min, our company this type of machine can be separated from liquid materials in more than 30 nanometers of particles, other manufacturers of the same type of machine can be separated from more than 300 nanometers of particles. The output is more than 25% higher.


The drum of traditional tubular centrifuge is made of 304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel, which is better. Our company uses 2205 duplex steel, the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of this material are better than 304 or 316L, the drum is not easy to deformation, so that the operation of the equipment is more stable, reducing the cost of using equipment.

The tubular centrifuge produced by our company has optimized the structure of the traditional high-speed transmission part, the structure of the inlet bearing seat part and the heat treatment process of the bowl, in addition to the reasonable optimization of the material of certain wearable parts.

High-speed Transmission Part - The traditional high-speed transmission part has a complex structure, many parts, and many wearing parts. Many parts lead to a large cumulative tolerance of the assembly, resulting in large vibration, noise, unstable operation when the equipment is working, affecting the service life. Many wearing parts lead to the increase of the cost of using the equipment. Our high-speed transmission part simplifies the traditional structure, which increases the processing difficulty but reduces the cumulative tolerance of assembly, makes the equipment operate with low vibration, low noise, smooth operation, increases the service life and reduces the cost of use.

Working principle of Tubular Separator

Low price laboratory table top tubular centrifuge machine
Consist of the machine cover, driving device, drum, liquid catch tray, the liquid inlet and bearing seat, this separator with high running speed, belongs to sedimentation separator. The upper drum is a flexible shaft, while the lower is damping floating bearing. The main shaft is connected by a coupling buffer and a passive wheel. Motor transmit power from the transmission belt and tension wheel to passive wheel, to drive the drum rotate around its own axis with high-speed, and thus form a strong centrifugal force field. All the materials are fed from liquid inlet under the bottom, and flow upward along the drum wall by centrifugal force fluid. During this process, the dense liquid phase forms the outer ring, and the small liquid phase forms the inner ring,
which separately flow to respective liquid outlet mounted on the upper drum.
When the thickness of the sediment affect the liquid phase clarification or the capacity of the rated slag weight in the drum, the dregs of the drum wall should be removed manually after the shutdown.

Application:Tubular Separator is mainly used for separating all kinds of suspension which is difficult to be separated, especially suitable for separation of solid-liquid suspension with light concentration, heavy viscosity, fine particles and very small differential gravity of the two phases. such as clarification of herbs plants extracts, various medicine liquor, liquid medicine, oral liquid, the extraction of paint, dye, as well as various proteins, alga, fruit gels, and purification of rubber solution, coal tar, graphite, saponin, pectin, sirup, vaccine mycelia and all kinds of glucose; refining resin, and latex solution, enzyme (SOD) of oxide, various kinds of albumens, the glucoside of the soap, etc.
Inlet Bearing Seat - The design structure of the inlet bearing seat part is a damping structure, and the traditional structure can not play a damping role at all points on the circumference, which increases the instability and failure rate of the equipment operation. After our company changed the structure of the inlet bearing seat, not only can all points on the circumference play a damping role, but also make the original single damping structure into a double damping structure, which enhances the stability of equipment operation, prolongs the service life of wearing parts, and reduces the failure rate.

Bowl Heat Treatment Process - Traditional bowls are only heat treated once, either to increase drum strength or to increase corrosion resistance (only increasing corrosion resistance treatment does not meet the requirements of industry manufacturing standards), which can only have a single effect. Our bowls are heat-treated three times to increase drum strength, increase corrosion resistance and stress failure. The change in material of certain wearing parts extends the service life of the wearing parts, thus reducing the cost of use for users.

Due to the above-mentioned technological breakthroughs, the maximum speed of the large-scale production tubular separator produced by our company can reach 19,000 rpm, and the operation is stable, which not only improves the output, but also improves the separation effect.

Product parameters



Height (mm)

Sedimentation volume(L)

Max speed(r/min)

Max separation factor

Inlet nozzle diameter (mm)

Material inlet pressure (Mpa)

Capacity (Water capacity)L

Motor model
3 phase two pole motor
3 phase two pole motor
3 phase two pole motor
3 phase two pole motor

Motor power (kw)

Machine dimension (mm)

Machine weight (kg)

Product features

Low price laboratory table top tubular centrifuge machine
1. The unique design of interior blade is more suitable for the isolation of the fermentation bacteria than the conventional
tubular separators. Equipped with reverse stop device, the residual mother liquid can be retained completely without loss once the machine stop.
2.With advantages of high separation factor and strong separation ability, It is applicable to separate and clarify the materials which is difficult to separate by ordinary centrifuge and all kinds of emulsion liquid such as transformer oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, turbine oil, grease, dyes, and saponification separation and so on.
3.Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.
4.Adopting advanced world famous brand components in bearing parts, electric parts and operation parts.
5.Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution
6.Simple to set up, use and clean for minimal down-time between separations
7. No replacement membranes or costly disposables
8.3-phase electric motors provide power for rapid acceleration and quieter operation.
9.Small footprint.
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Points for Operating the Tubular Separator
Low price laboratory table top tubular centrifuge machine
* When the percentage of impurities or solids in the liquid is less than 0.5%, the ideal separation effect will be realized. If
the percentage is higher than 0.5%, the solution should be clarified first
* High groove is used to feed materials. If the liquid is of large viscosity, it can also be pumped.
* Measurement for proper materials inlet pressure: when materials are fed by the nozzle into the separator, the proper inlet
pressure is depended on property of materials the nozzle into the separator,to spray materials at least half up onto the drum.
Low pressure will cause part of the liquid not fed into drum and slide into the bearing seat at the bottom of the drum to
outflow from overflow mouth, while the high pressure will affect the separation quality and lead to the vibration of the
* The inside diameter of feeding tube shall be large enough to be controlled by valve and be convenient for user to adjust
according to flow rate and output.
* The separator is equipped with nozzle in different diameter, to fit different the separation quality and yield.If small
production with high quality, the small nozzle is used, and vice versa.

Suggestion from SHENZHOU
Low price laboratory table top tubular centrifuge machine
Earned high reputation and good feedback from global customer among all of our products, High-speed Tubular Separator is capable of applied in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarify to separation of chemical, food, blood and pharmaceuticals.
High performance is consistently achieved in continuous, semi-continuous or batch operations. Include a range of sizes from research to production, our tubular separator provide an efficient and cost-effective technology to separate from one to several thousand liters of biological cultures and other mixtures. For extremely high solids concentrations, drum centrifuge for high performance separations can be supplied.
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Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
1. What certificates do you have?
We can provide CE, ISO 9001, etc

2. What is the warranty period of the equipment?
Normally 1 year warranty.

3. Can we visit your factory?
Of course, we sincerely invite you to visit, If it's not convenient for you to come to our factory, you can also visit by
telephone video conference.

4. What's payment you accept?
A4: T/T, Western Union, L/C, Ali Pay, etc

5. Can it be customized?
Of course, our equipment can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.
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