Tubular Centrifuge
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The Feature of Tubular centrifuge


The centrifuge has high performance of separate factor, high capacity, and account for small area and easy to handle, it has t types, one is GQ two phase that can separate solid from the liquid, another is GF series, which  can separate the water, solid from the oil.


GF model: Liquid with big density forms the outer liquid circle, while liquid with small density forms the inner circle. Then liquid will flow out of the upper outlet accordingly, and those little solid will be deposited on the drum wall, and be removed by manual after machine stops.

GQ model: Solid particles with big density are gradually deposited on the drum's inner wall, and forms sediment layer, after machine is stopped, is removed by manual. While the clarified liquid flows out through the outlet on the upper of the drum.


Product application 


The tubular centrifuge is suitable for solid-liquid separation with small concentration, high viscosity, fine solid phase particles and small difference in solid-liquid gravity. It is mainly used in biomedicine, traditional Chinese medicine preparation, fermentation bacteria liquid separation, health food, beverage, animal and plant. Protein pectin extraction separation, liquid-solid separation of food health products, plant pigments, fine chemicals,ink  and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for dynamic continuous separation by centrifugation. The separation factor of high-speed tubular centrifuge is 15900~16700xg, and the diameter of separated small particles is 0.5μm. Therefore, the difference in weight between liquid and solid is small, the solid particle size is fine, the content is low, the medium is corrosive and the materials are extracted and concentrated. Clarification is more applicable.


Blood separation, ink separation, Natural pigment separation, Chemical separation, medicine separation, Escherichia coli separation, Biological vaccine separation, Microalgae separation

Product working principle:

On the top of drum is the flinch axis, under is the damp drift bearing. Main axis linked by buffer and passive wheel,via conveyor belt, fasten wheel, the dynamic is transmit to drum and it will rotate axes to run at rapid speed.


The stuff is ripped into via liquid inlet, under the centrifuge force, the stuff along the wall of drum flow upward.

Product Parameters:

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