3 Phase Tubular Centrifuge
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Product Description of tubular bowl separator from Shenzhou 

High Speed Tubular Centrifuge, also called Tubular Bowl Separator, is a kind of fine separation equipment suitable for suspensions with thin concentration, fine particles, and small density difference solid-liquid separation, or liquid-liquid-solid separation. It is indispensable equipment for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological product, fermentation broth, beverages, blood products and other industries. High Speed Tubular Centrifuge working principle is that materials with different specific gravity are subject to different centrifugal forces when rotating at high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

Product Description of GF Tubular centrifuge 

GF Separation Tubular Centrifuge
(Light liquid-heavy liquid-solid phase)

The GF type is mainly used for various difficult-to-separate suspensions in the separation industry, and is especially suitable for liquid-liquid separation with small specific gravity differences and liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation with a small amount of impurities.

GF Working Principle

1.The centrifuge rotates at a high speed to reach a suitable working speed (the speed can be adjusted control panel), and the mixed suspension is continuously fed from the bottom, and the suspension are layered under the action of centrifugal force;

2.The two liquids in the suspension have a difference in density and are incompatible with each other. The liquid phase spirally rises gradually from bottom to top to the upper part of the rotor. The liquid phase with a smaller density is discharged from the light liquid outlet, and the liquid phase with a larger density is discharged from the heavy liquid outlet;

3.The solid phase density is the largest, and it will settle inside the bowl. After the solids are collected, turn off the centrifuge, and manually remove the rotor for slag cleaning;

4. After cleaning the slag, need to re-install the rotor, and then start the next separation process

Product features of high speed tubular centrifuge 

The enclosure shape is of square shape and round shape.

Stainless steel 304 is used for the surface wrapping of the enclosure.

Stainless steel 316L for the parts in contact with the suspension.

The enclosure body with door-opening design is convenient for disassembly and assembly of the bowl, reduces labor intensity and the separation effect is not affected.

Optional VFD control cabinet, start by inverter, adjustable speed, reduce the starting current and the degree of damage to the transmission components and wear parts, and improve the service life of the equipment and the motor.

The control cabinet is optionally equipped with PLC and touch screen to display the speed and temperature.

According to the field of use, explosion-proof type and cooling type with cooling coil are available.

Mobile integrated base is available.

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